Hot under the pocket protector

July 23rd, 2003

thatbrentguy: I finally figured out why I would ever want to load up Cygwin with Xfree86 on Windows.
fuzzygroup: ok
thatbrentguy: Then I can run the perl TK debugger using X forwarding in an ssh session
fuzzygroup: ok you’re a bigger geek than i am
thatbrentguy: Or any sort of X forwarding for that matter. Nice to putty into somewhere, run something from the cmdline and have an x-window come up locally!
thatbrentguy: just figured you’d appreciate the combination nerdly-studliness of it all.
fuzzygroup: oh yeah
fuzzygroup: that’s very studly.
thatbrentguy: heh heh
thatbrentguy: don;t go getting a nerd-on
fuzzygroup: roflol
thatbrentguy: you can have that one. freshly coined.
fuzzygroup: blog it. I dare you.’
fuzzygroup: Heck I double nerd dare you.
thatbrentguy: with your permission to cut/paste
fuzzygroup: yep

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