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A little dab’ll do ya

Thursday, April 28th, 2005

Jesse’s Ajax article has certainly got a lot of discussion going, ranging from ho-hum to hyperbole.

A few pundits are postulating (or at least sensationalizing) that this could be the end of app dev as we know it, a new order storming the beaches, sweeping fat and smart clients out to sea. I have to think that Mary Jo Foley has tongue firmly in cheek when she says:

Will we see a dev world divided along Ajax/smart client lines? Or is there room for both programming platforms to coexist and (shudder) maybe even interoperate?

Perhaps she’s mocking the Wall Street Journal (no link, you gotta pay for it now) where it was suggested that Ajax may trigger a sea change in app dev.

Scoble joins the fray, while Joseph Cooney leans closer to my view which is that we should all add Ajax to our bag o’ tricks and pull it out only where appropriate.

I once introduced a junior programmer to Remote Scripting and soon found that every page he built was full of complex RPC-over-http interaction even to post a simple form. Let’s not all go there.