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Open Source, Closed Minds

Tuesday, September 24th, 2002

I’ve been pitching web collaboration via Open Source tools lately. I’m trying to generate interest in having people contract me in to supply them with a working Open Source based collaboration portal and to provide advice and development in those areas.

Specifically, I’m demoing to companies a full-featured Open Source based intranet site with news items, comments, forums, downloads, weblinks, etc and comparing its features to more extensive (and expensive) solutions such as Microsoft’s SharePoint. A really good example of such a comparison is the case study of the Government of Hawaii’s portal.

Last week I was in a gigantic multinational company. The presentation went well – they were impressed by the scope, manageability, extendability and feel of the demo site. They liked the idea of saving bucketloads of dough. Everything was going smoothly.

Then they remembered that the previous week they had received an internal memo declaring that Open Source software was not to be used in the company unless a commercial solution did not exist. They’d have to review that memo and see how it affected this decision. I’m not privy to the contents of the memo, but it sounds to me very much like Fear Uncertainty and Doubt rearing its head.

They also said that some company-wide desktop app Microsoft licensing agreement allows them to use SharePoint portal services throughout the company, so that would mean they’ve got it “for free” too, so maybe there wouldn’t be any advantage to my suggestions. I’m fairly doubtful that the licensing will include adding unlimited Win2k SQL servers and SharePoint servers, but I guess huge multinationals can afford to spend whatever money isn’t being looted by their executives on blanket licenses.


Wil makes the switch

Monday, September 23rd, 2002

Wil wheaton has switched to Linux and it wasn’t painful at all!


PCs – more dangerous than guns?

Monday, September 16th, 2002

Palladium. DRM. It boggles my mind how a country will fight to the death in the name of freedom for the right to keep in their homes and on their persons handguns, designed for the express purpose of killing humans, while openly contemplating the ruination by draconian restriction of the unfettered utility of one of the most useful tools ever devised, all in the name of protecting for an elite few that which ultimately belongs to us all.

Go ahead, hit that comment link. I know you’re dying to.


dwelling on dwellings

Thursday, September 12th, 2002

I mustn’t be very successful. I just live in a nice neighbourhood, when it’s clear to me now that you’re just not worthy unless your house is in a prestigious enclave, a parcel of executive estate homes, or an exclusive WideLot(TM) community.


Collaborate with Open Source

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002

A friend of mine from high school, Vijit Coomara, recently started a Drupal-based blog and collaboration site called

As a partner in a successful internet technology company, Vijit has a lot of experience in enterprise-wide projects where big corporations lay out big bucks to hire the big guns to deploy big solutions. He has a lot to say about where open source and collaborative tools are well positioned to make very impressive inroads into established business.

Read along and jump into the fray.