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Jasmine Ashley, Heimlich Hero

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

I had a serious choking episode today at sunday dinner with my wife’s family. I was probably only a few seconds from losing consciousness when my 11-year-old daughter Jasmine came to my rescue and used the Heimlich manoeuvre on me, dislodging the chunk of roast beef from my windpipe.

I’m very proud of Jasmine for recognizing the problem, knowing exactly what to do, and stepping right in to deal with it.

I was surprised that a kid of her size could effectively perform the manoeuvre on her 6-ft 230-pound dad. Take my advice – learn about choking and how to deal with it, no matter how old you are.


yoyo cable connection

Monday, August 2nd, 2004

This is what my cable connection has looked like all week:

Every 15 minutes, it drops for two to three minutes. I have them coming on Wednesday afternoon to look at it.

I’ve been looking all over the net to see reviews about the new WebSTAR DPC2100 modem Rogers gave me recently. All I can find is people saying that you should get the Motorola or the Toshiba – anything but the WebSTAR, but nobody ever actually says why. Anyone have any real scoop on this thing?

Mind you, in between the downtimes, I have been getting phenomenal download speeds – in the region of 450kbs.