forget me not

August 8th, 2003

I love it when programs remember passwords for me. I don’t have to remember them and the program remembers for me.

I hate it when programs remember passwords for me. I fry the program or its data somehow and I don’t have the password anymore.

Using UltraEdit today I managed to overwrite the FTP account settings for one client while fixing something for another client. I couldn’t for the life of me find the password to set it up again.

Luckily (or not?) it was FTP and not SSH, because all I had to do was use UltraEdit on my other machine (which also had used the ftp account for that client) to connect to it while using tcpdump to watch the the traffic. The ftp password came through in the clear, so I picked it out and voila.

2 comments to “forget me not”

  1. Clever, but disturbing.

  2. You should do what I do – use the same password for absolutely everything. Voicemail, bank cards, hotmail account, WEP key, PGP passphrase, admin account, eBay password, PayPal, tigerdirect.com password, pet’s name. That way you’ll never forget it!

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go take my dog for a walk. Here, 5P0t!