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Hot under the pocket protector

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003

thatbrentguy: I finally figured out why I would ever want to load up Cygwin with Xfree86 on Windows.
fuzzygroup: ok
thatbrentguy: Then I can run the perl TK debugger using X forwarding in an ssh session
fuzzygroup: ok you’re a bigger geek than i am
thatbrentguy: Or any sort of X forwarding for that matter. Nice to putty into somewhere, run something from the cmdline and have an x-window come up locally!
thatbrentguy: just figured you’d appreciate the combination nerdly-studliness of it all.
fuzzygroup: oh yeah
fuzzygroup: that’s very studly.
thatbrentguy: heh heh
thatbrentguy: don;t go getting a nerd-on
fuzzygroup: roflol
thatbrentguy: you can have that one. freshly coined.
fuzzygroup: blog it. I dare you.’
fuzzygroup: Heck I double nerd dare you.
thatbrentguy: with your permission to cut/paste
fuzzygroup: yep


We deserve a break today

Tuesday, July 8th, 2003

I’ve been working pretty hard over the past couple of months and not blogging a lot. On one of my projects, I wasn’t really able to say what I was working on and for whom, but it’s all in the open now.

Today all that hard work paid off with the news that McDonald’s Canada announced the kickoff of their wireless hotspots, as a part of the company’s North American wireless hot spot initiative.

There’s been a lot of teamwork among the KnowledgeWorx crew that came together to make this happen and we all deserve a break today. Just a short one though – there’s much more to do!