We deserve a break today

July 8th, 2003

I’ve been working pretty hard over the past couple of months and not blogging a lot. On one of my projects, I wasn’t really able to say what I was working on and for whom, but it’s all in the open now.

Today all that hard work paid off with the news that McDonald’s Canada announced the kickoff of their wireless hotspots, as a part of the company’s North American wireless hot spot initiative.

There’s been a lot of teamwork among the KnowledgeWorx crew that came together to make this happen and we all deserve a break today. Just a short one though – there’s much more to do!

4 comments to “We deserve a break today”

  1. Congrats Brent!

  2. Brent,

    What can the Bandit do for you? Well for starters I gotta check out both spots and see how they work… What did you guys do for MickeyD’s exactly?

  3. I played a role in the KnowledgeWorx team that McD has contracted to provide the technology. There are many parts and I’ve been involved in a lot of aspects of it, but it’s KnowledgeWorx that made it all happen.

  4. Tastes great AND less filling!