Warning – lots of ‘F’s ahead.

June 5th, 2003

Terry says I should write that series of books I’ve always meant to do. Maybe it’s time, I dunno.

Have you ever seen some thing and said to yourself – “How the f*ck did they do that? – I’d like to implement that if only I had a frickin clue about such sh*t”. Don’t kid me, you have.

Tim Aiello and I have always said that we need to write a series of books not that just generally tell you about technology so that you can apply it in abstract ways, but books that distill real popular technical solutions down to the steps necessary to replicate them. It’s called the “How The F*ck They Do It” series.

E-Commerce Shopping Baskets – How The F*ck They Do It.

Secure Shell and Tunneling on Windows – How The F*ck They Do It.

We could do like the Dummies and Idiots series and expand beyond technology to other topics:

Beer Butt BBQ Chicken – How The F*ck They Do It

or for the few that are REALLY seriously in need of a clue,

F*cking – How The F*ck They Do It

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