Nice thing about standards is there’s so many to choose from

June 2nd, 2003

My friend Dave of OmegaBid fame sends me this image of the text ad he got from google when searching for info on Perl’s ‘ord’ function.

While I’m on about Dave, here’s a story about complete bastardly brazen fraud on the net:

Dave wrote OmegaBid, a really neat piece of software that allows you to keep tabs on last-minute bidding opportunities on eBay. He packaged it up and sells it online via credit card service provider, provides support, all that.

So then some completely brazen bastard comes along and sets up a site thats EXACTLY the same, selling Dave’s very product, along with cracked passwords, all the while pretending to be the official site with a very similar name. It’s all done through enough international anonymous middlemen that Dave will have a hell of a time fixing it, and will have lost all sorts of dough in the process.

What a loser. The effort it took to set up this scam could have been spent making a legitimate buck.

I’m not going to put a link here, but you can find the rat bastard fink at omegabidsoft d0t c0m. Be sure to give him my warmest regards. Anyone who can provide info that might help Dave fix this bugger’s little red wagon, I’ll be only too happy to pass it along.

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