Would you, could you, with a joat?

June 7th, 2003

From my referrers, I find joatBlog, and although there’s no explanation just who or what joat is, the many tech nuggets to be found there are full of chewy goodness.

5 comments to “Would you, could you, with a joat?”

  1. JOAT is probably either Jack-of-all-trades (or Jill-of-all-trades)…I know someone else who uses that acronym.

  2. Jessyca wins this round! Joat is a very old BBS handle I used in the 80’s. It’s related to what I’ve done for a living over the years: potato picker, short order cook, Christmas tree farmer, painter, electrician, fiberglass repair, motor rewinder, and *nix/security geek.

  3. BTW, thanks for the plug and the chat.

  4. testing comment to see if smtp mail working from MT

  5. didn’t work, reverted to sendmail which was working anywho