Spam to the rescue?

May 5th, 2004

I forgot to plug in the power for my new laptop last night. I worked on it all evening, went to bed, and came down to find it outta juice this morning.

I thought to myself – that’s great, it lasted three hours while I was using it last night, I wonder how long it kept going after that? Not having any logging happening, I wondered how I’d figure it out.

It turned out to be pretty simple. I checked my spam folder (all my spam gets identified by Simplefilter and put in a folder). The steady stream of spam stopped at 4:30am. I deleted them all, and when I retrieved my email again, the first one was from 4:31am.

<sarcasm>Good old reliable spam. </sarcasm>

3 comments to “Spam to the rescue?”

  1. hey brent. its erin. just wondering how you are doin latly. its been a long time. you prolly dont remmeber me its been sooooooo long.

  2. You’re right. I haven’t got a clue who you are. Probably just another comment spam

  3. Ahh, you ARE real.

    Nope, I’m afraid that must have been another Brent Ashley. I’ve run across a few on the net. Nice to meet you though.