Credibility gap

April 14th, 2004

Dubya had his prime time news conference tonight, and what an impossibly unrelenting doofus he continues to be. Waffle waffle. Blather blather. Never wrong. Made no mistakes. We’re winning. We’re all better off.

I don’t feel better off yet, nor do I see it on the horizon. Do the Iraquis? Does the American public? Does the rest of the free world? Are there more or less people bent on the destruction of Western values since these developments?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Oh yeah, and what a brilliant show of his speaking and thinking skills. Last of the great orators. Master debater.

One comment to “Credibility gap”

  1. Yes, well I think there’s more here than meets the public eye. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks the people with money and power behind the scenes who put him there in the first place don’t care what happens to him now, actually would prefer to see him discredited so he can take the stench with him. The big interests now have what they want, control of Iraq. Haliburton will make billions and own a big piece of control of the world’s second largest known oil reserve indefinately.