A visit from the flying Doc

March 13th, 2003

Only in town for a couple of days, Doc Searls managed to find time to come and meet with a few of us who could make it out.

Michael O’Connor Clarke was first to arrive. He had a nice adjunct to the World Of Ends discussion – I’ll let him explain it.

Tim Aiello, my partner in crime on many projects, was there.

Tara Cleveland, who when not designing is driving the research for the MACCAWS group, came along.

The Accordion Guy serenaded us with a sweet rendition of (You Shook Me) All Night Long. He also managed to rank high on the nerd compatibility scale with me reminiscing about the Rockwell AIM with its 1802 microprocessor and heat-transfer printer.

Doc arrived with two colleagues from Tucows. I talked with one of them, Ross at length about some anti-spam stuff that Tim and I have been up to. Just added his blog to my subscriptions list. The other, DarrylG, yakked with Tim at length but alas, has no blog to link to.

Interesting conversation was had, some debate. Absolutely no mention whatsoever of foreign policy, thankfully. We should do this kinda thing more often.

Tim took this picture of me with Doc.

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