Process over reason

December 23rd, 2002

My mother-in-law was visiting us here in Toronto until early in December. She sent off some Christmas packages and cards from our house to Canadian and US destinations.

She got a large card in the mail today at home in England. It was a card she had mailed from Toronto to Los Angeles, but because it had insufficient postage for the dimensions of the envelope, they returned it to the sender address – all the way to the UK.

I’d say it’s unbelievable, but it’s not.

4 comments to “Process over reason”

  1. I’ve always wondered if I could sneak in some free postage by either using the same address for the return address as for the delivery address (and no stamp), or reverse the delivery and return addresses. 🙂

  2. when i was part of a strong penpal circle we often sent large packages to each other by severely reducing the stamps and reversing the To and From addresses. Only rarely did we get our own package back.

    P.S. Happy Holidays !!!

  3. I always wondered the same thing. You’d *think* that they’d catch this kind of thing at the outgoing post office and realize that the From address/postmark was out of sync with the outgoing mailstop.

  4. I in fact did try the reversal of return and sending address with short postage many years ago and it actually worked… Also as a test of searching out if there was any human factor in the PO I taped the amount of postage needed in coinage and sent it to myself… surprise, it came to me with a stamp on it… Mind you now, it was many years ago……