I’m not wired with decaf

July 30th, 2002

I’m sitting with my decaf outside at ther Letieri cafe, Queen St and Spadina Ave, Toronto, on a lovely sunny day. Neither the net connection nor the coffee are wired.

Now that’s comfort.

3 comments to “I’m not wired with decaf”

  1. Decaf’s bad, mm’kay? 🙂

    Funny thing is, I was just at that cafe toward the end of last month during my short visit to Toronto. I love that area. Must go back for another visit.

  2. For more access points like this please review the Wireless Bandit site…

    Thanks Brent for checking it out… Just don’t tell too many or they’ll (whoever that is) will shut it down…

  3. Aê fizeram um site que aparece o meu nome. I don`t speak inglish very well. Good bye.