BlogChat goes gold

February 24th, 2002

What is BlogChat?

BlogChat is a little chat room. It’s sort of a private little instant messaging system that doesn’t require an account or any special software. It is only active when the person who is hosting it is online and running the master chat application.

If you want one of your own, you will have to run the server part of it on a machine with PHP and mySql, two open source free tools that run on Windows under IIS and Apache, Linux under Apache, and most likely Mac OS/X (although no reports of that yet).

If I’m in, you can click on the status button and come in for a chat. Soon I’ll post a page of BlogChat links listing others who are already hosting this new blog phenomenon. See below for a couple of the early adopters.

If I’m not online, it’s because I’m reminding my wife and kids that I exist outside of my basement office. They might have forgotten that this week.

No more milestones. Ship time for BlogChat. Download it and have fun with it.

I’ve called it BlogChat 1.0 although I may have done so with the last release. This is the first version under the GPL.

I’ve had SOOO many people help me on this, I really honestly can’t name them all because it was such a flurry of activity I didn’t stop to gather their names and URLs. If you’ve been part of this wacky collaborative design effort, send me an email and I’ll compile a list.

Special thanks to Doc for starting the blog rolling, Eric for attracting the design community along, Tim for dropping by my office and piping the feature requests to me while I coded, Dwight for being an early supporter, and of course, Dougal and Nate for being the first to implement.

Everyone else, you know who you are. Thanks.

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