One big microwave

February 13th, 2002

Tim points to some really neat visualization of wireless network coverage areas. Reminds me of infrared rescue helicopter cameras. Or radiation exposure topography. The closer you are to the blue areas, the less likely you are to still have functional gonads.

What are the human implications of the new ubiquity of wireless computer communications? Am I fooling myself that 802.11 and wireless data really makes things any worse than broadcast Radio, TV, cell phones, cordless phones have already made things? How close are we to baking ourselves in this gigantic radio-frequency Greater Metropolitan Area oven?

UltraEdit 9.0 is available. I registered it in 2000 so no free upgrade, but it’s well worth the $17.50 to keep updates flowing for another year. Fantastic editor. What sold me originally was that it printed in color-context, but its list of features is endless. Column mode, Function lists, User-defined context colouring, file Diff, FTP open/save, macros, regex search/replace, dos cmd to window, low energy spin and fluff cycle…

While I’m on about indispensable things, TightVNC is a great version of AT&T’s Cambridge UK labs VNC remote control program that uses optimized compression. I use it all the time, well at least when my @#$&^@%* cable provider is up!!

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