A bridge too far

February 7th, 2002

Contract Bridge may be coming to the Olympics. Andy Barrie said it best on CBC this morning (paraphrased): “What’s next – Rock, Paper Scissors?”.

They interviewed a guy on the Canadian team that just won a huge tournament in Salt Lake City. Olympic Bridge athletes (?!) must be split into separate teams for men and women and undergo random drug tests.

Now, I really, really appreciate that these people are the best in the whole damned world at a pastime that is remarkably challenging and worthy of all sorts of respect. But IOC, give your fucking heads a shake.

I’m starting to train now for the 2012 summer games where I’ll partake in the booger-flicking competition.

Tim says he can’t wait to watch every minute of riveting Olympic Bridge coverage. I’m considering making room in my cable tv portfolio for this event’s coverage by dropping the ever-popular Paint-Drying Channel – a tough decision but I’m willing to sacrifice. If only I could afford the tickets to the event floor. Bastard ticket scalpers.

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