unpingable yet again

June 3rd, 2001

Aaaauughh! My frickin cable provider has me down again. I’m dialed up at 48k for now – lunchbag letdown. Of course, my server and domains are unavailable. I’ve gotta wait till tomorrow afternoon for a warm body to come out and have a look. Colocation is getting closer and closer. Conversely, I may just rant about it a bit and then return to SNAFU.

More input:

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“Of course, commercial software is also covered by licenses (almost no two alike, either) which could contain their share of traps as well. But that doesn’t even matter IMO; people keep telling me that business is about managing risk. If you are not willing to undertake any amount of a certain kind of risk, then a shrewd competitor may expoit this to beat you. Simple answers are always illusory”
Wesley Felter Brent Ashley

I’ve been taking a bunch of well-deserved flak for spouting my unripened opinion here. It’s opened a lot of discussion, though, so I think it’s overall been a good thing. My opinion is subjected to iterative refinement and you are exposed to the process through blogging. Dave has a phrase for it: the two-way web.

Bocconcini is unripened cheese, but it’s still to die for on sliced tomato with basil and olive oil.

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