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June 2nd, 2001

When I started blogging a while ago, I open-sourced my opinions. Recently I checked in my new License module. Feedback from the opinion community has revealed some design process problems and adjustments are underway.

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“The essence of your argument is: ‘there are open-source licences out
there that can cause legal troubles if you want to incorporate
open-source products into your commercial products and it’s bad because
I don’t have the time to sort through this mess ‘. Which reminds me of
the quote ‘if you think education is costly, try ignorance’.”
Krzysztof Kowalczyk Brent Ashley
“The GPL *can* be onerous for someone looking to build a commercial
product built on top of open source parts. This is why software that is
meant to be linked with other software is often released under the LGPL or
another similar, less restrictive license. When looking to use a programming
tool, even a commercial one, you need to be aware of the licensing terms.”
Kevin Dangoor Brent Ashley

Development effort is being undertaken to understand the available licenses before incorporating them into my opinion-space. Release notes will be forthcoming when the new nightly opinion build is available.

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