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September 20th, 2012

Just got off the phone with Kathy Shailer, Dean of Liberal Studies at OCAD University. She has been catching all the flak over this textbook issue, and today hosted one meeting with the students and another with the publisher.

I’ll not try to cover the entire discussion since they have yet to formulate a statement about the day’s proceedings, however my precis is this:

  • OCAD takes this seriously. They want to work with the students and the publisher to resolve it to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • The publisher is responsive and there are positive actions being planned.
  • On the whole my personal impression is that this will be a prime example of a very good response to criticism.

For my part I will say that despite this misstep, I still consider OCAD to be a world-class school.


OCAD has posted their official statement after conferring with the students and publisher.

What do you think?

2 comments to “Watch this space”

  1. I don’t catch the point – copyright on what?

    These pictures of masterpieses of art, not printed in the textbook, – all of them shall be in the public domain as they all had been created long-long time ago.

    So, everybody can use them freely without any copiright clearance or anyone’s permission.

    Why on Earth didnt’t OCAD just print these pictures in the textbook?

  2. Hi Roman; I’ve addressed this in detail in a post today: http://www.ashleyit.com/blogs/brentashley/2012/09/23/to-summarize/