After 7 years of Blogchat, it’s TTYL

January 8th, 2009

After almost 7 years of uninterrupted service, Blogchat will soon be shut down.

I started Blogchat right here on this blog in February of 2002.

It was pretty well the first of its kind – an Ajax-style live chat (although the techniques were not called Ajax until three years and three days later, when JJG coined the term).

If you read through my posts [in reverse order on each of earlier and later pages] over those days, you’ll see that it was a great collaborative effort – a real early example of the social web pulling itself up by the bootstraps whereby the people collaborating to build a chat tool were using the chat tool itself to provide the input to the developers.

Tim Aiello and I ended up building it into a hosted service and ran it together until Tim took the reins last year, but without a large following, the care and feeding have become more than the service is worth, especially since so much advancement has been made in this sphere during the life of the project.

A testament to the simplicity of the thing is that it had been running essentially unchanged since at least 2003.

4 comments to “After 7 years of Blogchat, it’s TTYL”

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  2. Wow. Congratulations. (Brings back memories too, of building online chat programs in the late 70s.)

  3. […] Aiello turned this idea into a hosted BlogChat service. After all this time, it’s now being laid to rest. I ran the chat on my blog for a while, but eventually took it out, because I was frequently […]

  4. Hi,

    Take a look at http://www.tupter.com.
    I guess it’s a very similar product and built using .NET and AJAX.
    Let us know.