GData library extends cross-domain mashup capabilities

September 26th, 2007

Dion Almaer recently announced Google’s GData library, which allows you to securely access Google’s Calendar API (more APIs to come) for reading and writing calendar data.

I have long been a vocal advocate of the development of secure cross-domain methods in the browser. This is just the latest in a series of developments that make it apparent that the way forward is going to be built on existing browser technology without waiting for the browser vendors to bake in the necessary objects to support mashups.

Take note, I see this as the most important development on the internet today. I’ve said it for years – getting over the cross-domain hump securely will open the floodgates to a new level of Web interop.

One comment to “GData library extends cross-domain mashup capabilities”

  1. To that end, Jester now supports cross-domain JSON requests. It’s custom code Eric wrote at the moment, but we’re contemplating moving over to Kris Zyp’s code so that we’re not reinventing the wheel.

    Just to reiterate, that means that Jester can provide ActiveRecord-like objects in Javascript that can work across domains. I’m trying to get David to let me do a Jester demo at the next DemoCamp, as I believe Jester should be considered a potentially disruptive technology.