Today Creative Commons Salon, Tomorrow Mush

May 16th, 2006

I went along to the first Toronto Creative Commons Salon tonight and met some amazing folks. While I’m only on the periphery of this stuff, I had some great conversations and was able to act as a connector between some people and others with similar interests.

On the way back to the car, I managed to run into a whole gaggle of folks in post-Mesh celebration. I tell ya, this town she is a-hoppin’ with tech vibes.

Tomorrow night it’s off to Mush, the Web 2.0 Piss-Up. Hope to see you all there.

NOTE: I’ve been under the misapprehension that the Monarch Tavern, where Mush is being held, was all the way up at Bloor Street, however it turns out it’s down below College West of Bathurst as shown here

3 comments to “Today Creative Commons Salon, Tomorrow Mush”

  1. Hi Brent,
    Very nice to meet you at the CC Salon last night!

  2. I couldn’t make it for the meeting, and the Creative Commons wiki doesnt’ seem to be updated with any notes or proceedings. Do you know of anyone who took notes (or a podcast might be good too)?

  3. While I understand from the website that it was planned to have a bit more structure and format, the initial Toronto CC Salon ended up as an informal gathering, with a number of parallel adhoc discussions among small groups of attendees. There was no agenda, although Evan stood up to thank us for attending and to inaugurate the group.

    There was really nothing official from which to take minutes, and certainly no panel or soliloquy worthy of podcast.

    Evan Prodromou was our gracious host – perhaps he could provide more info.