Ajax Experience

May 11th, 2006

I’m in San Francisco at The Ajax Experience. Alex Russell is explaining the Dojo Toolkit, one of the primo Ajax toolkits. I’m seated beside Douglas Crockford and directly behind Michael Mahemoff of Ajax Patterns.

Last night I sat on an expert panel, after which a few people gathered by the podium to speak. Laurel Reitman, Lead Program Manager for IE7 came over to get involved in the conversation, and I took the opportunity to introduce her to Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla. It certainly looks like this conference could be a catalyst in some really great forward movement.

2 comments to “Ajax Experience”

  1. Bah – I couldn’t make it. Say hello to everyone for me 🙂

  2. Hey, Les;

    They’re selling your book at one of the booths, so you’re here in spirit…