Tiny bubbles

February 13th, 2006

I’ve just been chatting over at 3Bubbles.com in their new Ajax chat app. It looks like a good start. With Jeremie Miller involved, it should have some legs, and they seem to have some buzz support from the valley VC forces. I wrote pretty well exactly the same app in 2002 and called it BlogChat. It has many more features and Tim Aiello and I have been running it as a side project for four years now.

My experience tells me that most people don’t care beyond the first week have a chat in their blog, but then again, 7 years of Remote Scripting advocacy on my part told me that nobody cared about building rich web UIs with asynchronous javascript calls, and then along came Jesse to prove me wrong. It’s all about marketing and being in the right place (Bay Area) at the right time (Web 2.0/Ajax hypefest).

Good luck, guys – really. I know what it takes to launch and you’ve come a long way. It’s a bit like pregnancy and childbirth – just when you’ve finally got to the release milestone, you realize you’re only at the beginning and what a long slog you have ahead of you.

One comment to “Tiny bubbles”

  1. I mentioned you over at that TechCrunch article, just trying to give some “respek” 🙂


    I kept meaning to come back around to playing with BlogChat, but fell into IRC instead. I think for me at least, it just seems like too much to get my presence and visitors’ presences to coincide on a blog chat. But then, I don’t exactly have a niagra of traffic going on.