Ajax / JSRS / Google Map / Network Monitoring Example

July 11th, 2005

Tim Aiello has built a network monitoring app using Google Maps and JSRS to make Ajax calls.

Much of the stuff I do day-to-day lately has to do with network monitoring and configuration management for a Canada-wide network of 802.11x wireless sites. This type of map integration could be very useful.

2 comments to “Ajax / JSRS / Google Map / Network Monitoring Example”

  1. Couldn’t find an email address anywhere, Brent. I used your JSRS library back in 2000 for an in-house app. Learned a bunch, thanks. Wasn’t surprised to see your name keep popping up around the AJAX name…How’s things?


  2. Some Interesting network monitoring products based on Java Portlet technologies and Linux is from Intelica Networks. They do VoIP call monitoring and recording along with IP traffic recording. Good tools for Enterprise networks.