Region Zero Hack

January 18th, 2004

Gotta love the net.

I wanted to play a DVD today that my wife had brought back from England, but my DVD player choked on it saying the disc is restricted to Region 2, whereas of course the DVD player is set for Region 1.

I hopped on Google with my cheap $59 DVD player’s model number and within two minutes, I had the instructions to permanently set my player to Region Zero (all regions) simply by using my remote control to enter a code.

Now I can play discs from anywhere. Woohoo!

7 comments to “Region Zero Hack”

  1. It’s funny how, in ways such as this, “$59 DVD Players” are a better buy over more expensive, name brands that don’t allow you to hack the region restrictions. I’ve also found that the “$59 DVD players” seem to support more formats like SVCD/VCD/CDRW/etc… than some namebrands like SONY.

  2. What is the web address to find out how to permanently set your dvd player to region zero cos i cant find it when i type ‘region zero’ into google! Please help!

  3. I have a samsung v2500 DVD player. It was brought from abroad as a present. However I cant see any movies I neeed a region hack anybody.

  4. Good Morning:
    I too have a $89 DVD player Yamakawa Model 218. (Japanese sounding, but madein China). I too got instructions to re-program to Region Zero and it’s been great for 2 years, BUT I screwed around and accidentally “un-programmed” it by doing something that I was specifically told NOT to do. i.e. “UNLESS YOU HAVE A PAL TV NEVER CHANGE THE TV T YPE SETTING IN THE SETUP MENBU”

    Now, how do I get back to Region Zero?
    Unfortunately, Yamakawa appears to be out of business and I’m stuck!

    Thanks for listening to my tale of woe.

  5. For region hacks goto


    It’s a great site with DVD player ratings, hacks, etc etc..

    For the Yamakawa model goto this page in particular.


  6. You can also find absolutely loads of dvd player hacks and massive forum at http://www.dvdhacks.co.uk which has been around for over 6 years!

  7. I need the instructions on how to work the whole setup. I bought a used yamakawa 218 it has the remote but no instructions. Please help!!