Clear Confirmation

December 12th, 2003

It’s been a while since I visited this VB app I’m updating today for a long-time client. I forgot about this gem:

Sub cmdClear_Click()

If MsgBox("Are you absolutely positively certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that you really truly want to clear the task list?", vbYesNo, "Ok, so let's be clear about this.") = vbYes Then clearTaskList

End Sub

3 comments to “Clear Confirmation”

  1. u suck. i hate you and i wish you died DEEEH OK LETS BE CLEAR ABOUT THIS.” stupid…

    “december 2003 issue im talking about mhmm thata one”

  2. Thanks for the comment, “Joe”. You must be a little stressed down there in Missouri this week.

  3. Wow. That Joe *is* wound pretty tight. Maybe he is your long time client. Do you think he has to use that confirmation dialogue too often?

    Best Wishes,