Down with the Windows, time to get cruisin’

April 28th, 2003

Inspired by Chris Double’s success running Radio under Wine, I finally managed to get my home Windows 2000 box turned off. Radio was the last always-on application keeping that machine humming away 7×24, and now I’ll only turn that machine on to get old email out of my outlook PST file.

I still have Win2k on my laptop (dual-booting with Mandrake Linux), and I still use it every day. I still haven’t found a Linux editor to rival UltraEdit (don’t start me on emacs) and I have a Windows-based accounting package for my business that I still have to run. My clients still run Windows networks that I will happily connect with via both Windows and Linux as necessary. I’ll continue to have plenty of Windows-based projects – right now I’m doing some Exchange / Outlook Forms development and some Installshield scripting.

My primary desktop machines now, at home and at my main client are Linux boxen. All the servers I use daily run Linux or BSD.

I’m still riding along with Windows in the car, but I’m not locked in the trunk, I’m in the driver’s seat, shifting gears at my own pace, in full control.

Where do you want to go today?

2 comments to “Down with the Windows, time to get cruisin’”

  1. Tell me about it – UltraEdit is the one application I just can’t find a replacement for on Linux. I’ve had to boot in to Windows in the last few days (for the first time in several months) because I’ve got a huge piece of coursework to work on and I just wasn’t nearly as productive with Linux text editors :/

  2. I assume you’ve tried JEdit? I still take a productivity hit with it but it’s as good as I’ve found.