Knoppix – CDROM Linux distribution

April 20th, 2003

I’ve spent some time lately playing with Knoppix, the bootable CDROM image that fires you up into a full featured Linux setup, complete with X-windows, Open Office, Mozilla, and a raft of utilities including nmap, Nessus, airsnort… the list goes on.

Wnen you boot up, it automatically detects your hardware, including screen and networking (well, I have to type fb1024x768 at the boot prompt on my Toshiba Satellite laptop to force it to use a 1024×768 framebuffer because it uses 640×480 otherwise). Once booted up, you’re logged in as the knoppix user and there on your desktop are shortcuts to your hard disk partitions – including NTFS and FAT as well as Linux partitions. Fabulous rescue tool.

Here’s a hint for you – rather than prefixing “sudo” to everything you want to run at superuser level, just type “sudo su” in a shell to give yourself a root prompt.

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