Virus Naming

January 27th, 2003

Who names these viruses? The MS-SQL Server virus from this past weekend seems to be called “Slammer” or “Sapphire” or “SQ Hell”. I’m sure the author is wearing that like a badge of honour (although not too openly, one should think, if they want to remain anonymous). Maybe it would be useful to provide some disincentive by naming viruses differently – how keen would a haxx0r be to be known as the guy who wrote the “Author has a Tiny Dick” virus?

One comment to “Virus Naming”

  1. Classic. There is no end in coming up with these type of virus names.

    I provide a few as an example:

    “Author wears a Fairy Hammock” virus.
    “Author is a Fudge Packer” virus.
    “The Author is all jacked up” virus.
    “The Author is Varnishing The Cane” virus.
    “The Author’s Vinegar String” virus.
    “The Author is licking the Dunny” virus.