Cruelty to Analog

January 16th, 2003

The EFF has a new blog called Cruelty To Analog, wherein they plan to chronicle attempts by the “content” industries to plug the analog hole.

Have a look at the draft charter of the Copy Protection Technical Working Group.

Tell me this – how do you get a roomful of sufficently technical people who swallow this crap enough to dedicate a chunk of their working life to it? Honestly, I can’t for the life of me think of one technical person I know who’s worth a single shit who would care to be involved with such a ridiculous project. It reeks of knee-jerk protectionism and shortsightedness, it’s doomed to failure and circumvention – DMCA or not – and it would stink up your resume so horribly that prospective employers who really care about technology would laugh you out of an interview. That being the case, the willing candidates for the job must be either devoid of the technical and moral values that would make them worthy of the task or motivated by greed to the extent that they’re likely pretty useless buggers on the whole.

Maybe they hire from the Tobacco industry.

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