brent ashley is…

October 31st, 2002

Dave Winer points to Googlism, where it can tell you what is being said about you on the net. Here’s what it says about me:

brent ashley is a human
brent ashley is a font of information
brent ashley is right
brent ashley is a very beautiful and unruly woman
brent ashley is sure to amuse if not educate
brent ashley is another guy who is skipping dot net

Unruly? Well, a little.

2 comments to “brent ashley is…”

  1. Thanks to you, Googlism thinks I’m very thoughtful. You rock!

  2. Why are you the human? why are you the font of information? What did I do to be wrong? Damn you! You bastard! I am a very beautiful and unruly woman; more beautiful and unruly than you, “brent” ashley…maybe Ashley is your real gender yet you hide behind the “brent”…perhaps you’re really “brant”? I am sure to amnuse if not edicatue! And I am a WOMAN, the true ASHLEY who is skipping. But not dot net. How dare you?!?!?! How do you think that by skipping dot net you are doing the world a justice? DAMN YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON!!!