meeting up

August 22nd, 2002

Went to the Toronto Blog Meetup at the Rivoli on Queen Street last night. Jen and Zhan were there, as was a man named Timothy recently moved to Toronto from Montreal who is involved with Fark but blogs not.

It was a small group, but we has some nice and at times esoteric conversation. Apparently Rannie and a others of the GTABloggers had planned on coming but bowed out earlier in the day.

Timothy suggested that it might be useful in future to have people who come wear a paperclip on their collar or lapel so we all know each other despite having never met. That sounded like a good suggestion, so I passed it on to the Meetup folks when they asked for feedback.

4 comments to “meeting up”

  1. Eeeeeew – Blogsnot!

  2. Sorry i couldn’t make it out… but I had to spend time with my neglected other half

  3. Beats wearing a red carnation!

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