Translating on the fly

June 12th, 2002

My BlogChat partner Tim points me to a discussion from Jenny about realtime translation.

I’ve been playing with realtime translation with BlogChat. I’m at a pretty early proof-of-concept stage, but have used it to good effect already. Here’s a capture of a session:

It’s simple to use and quite fast. I’ve got a whole bunch of ideas of how to build a useful translating chat. Time to leap into the conversation, I guess!

12 comments to “Translating on the fly”

  1. What “translation engine” is this based on? And please don’t be so formal in German, “Dir” instead of “Ihnen” would have been sufficient 😉

  2. http://freetranslation.com

  3. Brent: bad idea.

    There is a big problem with translation quality from that method of translation, the Reverso method works better. http://www.translate.ru and http://www.reverso.net both use it, and especially between closely related languages the output is much better than anywhere else. (eg spanish-french is more accurate that english-french, because french grammar is closer to spanish than to english)

    Also, http://ww.excite.co.jp/world/text/ for Japanese text.

    It’s also a good idea to try Amikai.com’s translation portal, they have wonderful translation especially for Asian languages.

    There’s also a near-perfect Spanish-to/from-Catalan translator (very useful for Spaniards) at http://www.infonostrium.com.

    Arabic-to/from-English service (fairly decent, but not anywhere near perfect) can be found at http://www.tarjim.com (note: you may have to register for free, you have to log in for Arabic->English translation but not the other way around)

    Near-perfect Malay machine translation service at http://sangenjaya.arc.net.my/index-e.html and although their other language pairs certainly aren’t as good as English-to/from-Malay (except malay-to/from-indonesian, they’re almost the same language) they work well too.

    Hope I can be of more assitance, you can e-mail me at ichiban@sympatico.ca

  4. y theres no malay>english translation?

  5. dear sir
    i was wondering if could give me an website address or addresses for free translation from english to malay

  6. I’m afraid I don’t know one – it looks like Mark might, though, try him at his email address ichiban@sympatico.ca

  7. Hey, does anyone know how to say ‘destiny’ in Arabic? ^-^;; I’m really desperate to find out!

  8. My e-mail changed a while ago… I stopped checking that account shortly after I made that post… sorry 😡

  9. There no translation Malay to English.And the promotion of this website is “indah khabar dari rupa”…why?

  10. I guess for the time being, there’s no free online traslation for bahasa malaysia (melayu) to english, vice versa.

    Most of the time when googling for the subject triggers only site with offers paid services. Malay speakers definitely are too materialistic. Nobody seems to be interested in offering free online translation for malay-english and viceversa.

    Wonder why?

  11. It seems there is still no such thing as a free translation site malay/english v/v.
    I have tried Mark’s site http://sangenjaya.arc.net.my/index-e.html but all that came up is: page cannot be displayed.