Deer in the headlights

May 21st, 2002

I’m at one of those awkward passes, where I’ve got so many things lined up to do that I’m at an impasse where to start. I’ve just been sitting here frozen in front of the keyboard, my mind swimming with the daunting array of tasks ahead of me. Time to kick my butt into gear.

One of those things is to get some blogging flowing again. I’ve always leaned towards blogging only when I have something to say rather than forcing a regular blurb out perhaps before one is ready. There’s a middle ground to that though, I suspect, where I encourage myself to seek blog inspiration in order to whet my appetite for a good rant or discourse, thus keeping up the flow.

I guess it’s my duty to link to a few people too, and quote lots of stuff I’m sure you’ve all seen elsewhere anyhow, lest I get branded a narcissistic snob by the demablogues who contend that there are right and wrong ways to blog, and those who open their blog at the little end are deserving of pejorative labels.

2 comments to “Deer in the headlights”

  1. Maybe we should all blog about blogging, and perhaps even blog about blogs blogging about blogging. Oh, and don’t forget blogging about the mainstream press writing about blogging. And sulking about people who haven’t linked to us.

    I’m sure it’d make all our sites so much more interesting.

  2. ded