More firsts.

February 25th, 2002

NOTE: The BlogChat window that was on this page has been moved to the top of my main blog template. If you’re viewing this as a historical page, you’ll have to click on the button at the top right there to pop up a BlogChat window if I’m available.

Okay, I’m tired of being polite about it.

It’s the year 2002. Netscape 4 is a dilapidated junker, rusted through the floorboards and belching smoke. Get those damn things off the friggin road!! There are FREE alternatives available to you.

If you are a web designer, a web scripter, a website owner, a marketing person in charge of your company’s web face, NOW HEAR THIS:

If you are spending specific effort in making your website work for NS4 when it already works with DOM-compatible browsers (or worse, when it doesn’t), YOU ARE A PART OF THE PROBLEM. People are not going to drop NS4 as long as it’s being accomodated. Stop it!!!

Oh, yeah, yes I could probably make BlogChat work with NS4, but NO I WILL NOT.

Don’t get all namby-pamby on me about being inclusive and accomodating, either. I’m not listening LA LA LA LA LA.

Nice work by brennen, getting the first working Mac OS/X server running BlogChat. No active link yet, but the proof is there.

I integrated Nate’s CSS styling work into my BlogChat, looks really nice.

I moved my own BlogChat server from my home Linux machine to phpwebhosting.com. Not that my home box or connection couldn’t cut it, I’ve had up to 12 people on at once without any noticeable problems (except for the obvious problem of trying to follow 12 people in a little chat window).

Tim‘s yet another guy who’s BlogChatting.

Gonna hafta put up a links gallery. I’ll be starting a new website for this soon. Keep on the lookout for BlogChat.com (no link because it ain’t ready yet).

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