Talk about the Two-Way-Web!

February 20th, 2002

Doc blogged me on this, so the chatters keep rollin in. I’m refining the tool as we go and it’s lots of fun. Good thing I’m at home today!

I’ll wait a bit before releasing an update since changes are coming along furiously. Consider the current release a preview for testing your environment.

I’ve been chatting with some of the people who visit my blog, see me online, and press the button.

It’s remarkable to see where they all come from. In the last 24 hours I’ve chatted with people from Sydney, Texas, Pennsylvania, Rotterdam, Manhattan, Winnipeg, Sweden, Vancouver, Maryland, Victoria, Utah and others I’m sure I’ve missed. Sometimes there have been up to four of us chatting away at the same time.

I feel a sense of the global community drawing closer around me as I find new ways to connect myself to distant minds via human conversation.

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