Skating Smackdown, One of the Evil Ns

February 15th, 2002

Mary Wehmeier has a lot of perspective on this Olympic skating judging scandal. I sent her an email with my observations:

It confuses me that the French judge is getting all the flack for turning her decision one way or the other, when nobody is
questioning at all the implication that every other judge had an entirely fixed position from the outset – Canadian, American,
Russian judges alike. Sounds like the French judge was the only one accorded any sort of free will at all! If it had been the
Russians’ perfect skate and the Canadians’ error, would it still have been voted the same by each judge with the French judge
as the swing vote, I wonder?

scottandrew speaks for all of us when he points out a few of the reasons why Netscape (at least 4.x) is one of the Three Evil “N”s which send my spidey senses reeling when introduced to a project. ( the other two are Notes and Novell, fyi )

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