not immune

January 19th, 2002

Christoph Burkhardt points me to this article about bugs in the Linux 1.4 kernel. He’s right, for some reason it’s not likely to get much press.

That reminds me that I’ve been taken to task in a few places about being too hyperbolic in my “Move Everything To Linux” rant. True enough, I would not recommend that businesses commit to move their mission-critical enterprise systems to Linux at great expense and risk. MySQL, for instance, is absolutely not up to the tasks that MSSQL can handle. Certainly, though, file and print, domain controllers, firewalls, web services, smtp, dns – all those things that Linux does well – can be introduced without significant upheaval. It doesn’t even have to be Linux to serve my primary goal of letting Microsoft know that people are actively using alternatives and are not locked in.

Revised rant theme: “Move as much as you feel you can out of Microsoft reliance in order to do your part to help them wake up and take notice. Seriously consider starting new projects with alternate products where it makes sense.”

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