House of mirrors

December 20th, 2001

I’m using my laptop (kerouac – my ‘on the road’ machine), running the VNC client on Win2000 to connect my Linux box (douglas – guess I should really change that static ip to 42), where I get an Xvnc session in which I’m running VMWare on Linux to host NT4 (ntvm) to support some IIS stuff.

I’ve downloaded VNC to load onto the virtual NT box that’s running in the virtual X session on douglas that I’m viewing from kerouac, so now I can minimize the VMWare window, disconnect from douglas leaving the Xvnc session running, and connect “directly” to ntvm via vnc.


The maze of actual and virtual connections reminds me of the conversation Jasmine and I had at the dinner table tonight about our complicated extended family tree connected by various direct and indirect levels of blood, adoption, and friendship.

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