when push comes to, well, push.

October 29th, 2001

I don’t know how I could never have heard about these Pushlets.

Every once in a while I do the ego search thing – you know, put your name into Google and see what comes up. I find a lot of neat things – old QuickBASIC and 8086 assembler stuff I did in the late 80s, people talking about my JSRS library, blog references.

I also find the odd Brent Ashley who isn’t me at all. There’s a young university sports star in southern Ontario, a motel owner in Maryland, a beekeeper in the midwest, a producer with Amphetamine Records, a skateboard phenom kid, an alumnus of Southampton University, a high school saxophone soloist in Spokane.

For all the Dave Smiths and Bob Johnsons in the world, it mustn’t be such a weird thing, but for me, it’s way odd to think of running into someone with the same damn name. I remember working in an office with another Brent a few years back and it was crazy, my head snapping back and forth every time his name was called.

I wonder how many of them have found me on the net and thought the same thing.

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