functionality versus universality

July 25th, 2001

I know this is a circular reference to ScottAndrew’s reference to my red-green discourse below, but he makes a good point that is less relevant to me as a Canadian but worthy of mention. At least for the US folks, the choice is no longer yours. I think there are similar issues here.

Chris at dithered recalls the TVOntario of his youth. I didn’t watch TVOntario much in my own youth (heck, we needed a special UHF converter to get channels above 13 on our B&W tv!) but I watch a heck of a lot of it now with my kids. TVO Kids is absolutely the best children’s programming available, and I’ve seen all the British stuff too. The Nook, The Crawlspace, the Bodsquad, Patty, Phil, Gisele, the two Julies, Hatatoposit, Tumbleweed – what a lineup, and every mouthful a taste sensation.

“We can’t let people fill out this form more than once”

“We must support users who turn off cookies”

“We must have client-side validation”

“We must support every browser ever known to man and people who turn off javascript”

“We must have cool animation”

“No plugins, must support pre-v4 browsers

“We are committed to using this Java applet”

“We must support people behind draconian corporate firewalls”

“It has to look exactly the same in every browser”

“Pigs might fly”

You can’t have it both ways. Functionality or universality. The choice is yours.

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