my god is greenland really that huge?

May 23rd, 2001

the word of the day is usurp – thanks Tara. nice to converse with someone in your daily stream of existence who is able leap from esoteric semantics to obtuse cartography in a single bound. when was the last time you discussed the mercatur projection map?

i’m sitting in the chair at Union Station wating for Bruno the barber today reading the Toronto Sun, something i don’t often do, and i burst out laughing, almost causing Bruno to graze this guy’s scalp.

in this article about Ontario members of parliament seeking pay raises into 6 figures, some MP is quoted:

“The risk factor for an MP is very high,” said the Liberal. “We can lose our job every four years.”

boo-fucking-hoo for you, mister hard-done-by MP. give us a break, dipstick. in the real world, you can lose your job every four frickin minutes!

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