there’s nowt as queer as folk

May 15th, 2001

i was in the dentist’s chair the other week, and during the intervals where i could actually say something intelligible, i was asked what it is i do and responded as usual that i’m a computer nerd. we discussed how it’s great to do what you love and get paid for it. my hygienist says to me “i’m glad you do that and not me – geez, i couldn’t program all day, how tedious!”. this from someone who’s ecstatic that she gets to fumble around in strangers’ mouths all day scraping plaque and inhaling halitosis-breath. it really does take all types to make up the world, doesn’t it.

youngpup calls this fluid nav bar experiment a failure. it’s lessons learned from this type of improvisational ‘failure’ that moves us all forward a notch. i’ll say it again – i’m glad there are people like aaron around to do this creative visual stuff that escapes me.

aaron also reminded me that i’ve been anticipating this Tibet thing for a while. should be interesting. this JDE javascript debugging environment is way neat, too.

thank you, douglas, for your wondrous five-part trilogy, for our friend dirk, and of course, for all the fish.

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