Show and tell

November 13th, 2003

We had another great WiFi meetup tonight, with all sorts of people and their electronic goodies. Tim and I arrived at 7 and met up with Joy, who works her web wizardry at ACTRA. Soon after that came a contingent of Tucows fellows, headed by boss Ross who had his sleek Gateway laptop, along with Joey with his Mac laptop, and others – I’ll let them blog who all was there – I was wedged into a corner and not able to effectively schmooze along to the other end of the table.

Joey’s housemate Sam, already a tech person, came to widen her geek experience and along with Joy helped to balance the X chromosome deficiency so often found at such gatherings.

Here’s a photo of the non-camera-shy side of the table:

I had just bought a new USB wireless adapter, so I had both the laptop and the Zaurus up and running. I finally got a chance to use the Spotnik wireless access, if only for a short time since there was much conversation to be had.

Ross and Joy got to play with Knoppix on a couple of the laptops. I’m pretty sure that next time we see Joy, she’ll be a newly minted Linux expert with tons of wireless toys and an empty bank account.

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