Onset of Sunset for the American Empire

April 17th, 2003

Terry Frazier points out that Senator Orrin Hatch is looking to remove the sunset clauses from the Patriot Act.

This is without doubt the scariest news I have seen come out of the US. If this comes to pass, I truly believe that the seeds of America’s decline and fall will have been well and truly sown. I’m really not overreacting here. This reeks of lessons that should have been learned from late 1930s German history.

Sunset clauses are absolutely necessary for any legislation that falls in the “notwithstanding” category – legislation that overrides constitutional freedoms – to ensure ongoing review of “temporary” legislation made to deal with special circumstances.

Mark my words – if this stinker proposal passes, it’s time to corner the market on handbaskets.

One comment to “Onset of Sunset for the American Empire”

  1. C’mon guys! Senator Orrin Hatch is giant, old, hairy, saggy ass. Always has been and always will be. You don’t think he really speaks for any significant numbers other than his puny (and bass ackwards) constituency in Utah, do you?

    I’m all for thinkin’ America’s headin’ down the pooper, but can we at least not use relics as our evidence?

    I considered sending my sincerest apologies to all the Mormons in Utah whom I have offended with this blast…but I decided not to.