The P’s silent, like in “swimming”

April 30th, 2002

Able Baker Charlie Delta Echo Foxtrot… in some places it’s pretty easy to spell things over the phone, because they use a spoken-letter convention – military, aviation, medical.

I like having fun with them by substituting some of my own:

A as in “aesthetic”
C as in “cite”
K as in “knight”
M as in “mnemonic”
O as in “Oedipus”
P as in “ptarmigan”

3 comments to “The P’s silent, like in “swimming””

  1. You’re just a troublemaker! 😉

  2. My thoughts exactly, Tara.

  3. yee-ees…sneaky… beyond the problems my katakana-translating friends have with ‘r’ and ‘l’… this could be fun when dealing with bureaucrats….. (^o^)/~