feeling a little beta

March 28th, 2002

It’s been just over a month now since the original implementation of BlogChat was released. A few people have installed it and have been running their own BlogChats. Many others have visited me at my blog and commented that they like the idea and would like to have one on their site, but that they don’t have the ability, knowledge, or control over their server to host it themselves.

In answer to those people, I’ve spent a significant amount of energy developing a multi-user implementation of BlogChat which will allow us to provide hosted BlogChats on a subscription basis. I say “us” because I’ve entered into a partnership with a long-time friend and colleague named Tim Aiello, whom many of you may know as TechnoMagician.

We’re going to be ready soon to invite interested parties to participate in a limited Beta of the BlogChat service. We will initally have to limit participation until we are able to analyse server load distribution needs. In addition to the many people who have been supporting us to date, we’re looking also for people who are not technically oriented, who are not part of the design and programming community, to bring their perspective to the beta process.

We still have some issues to deal with before we are ready to fly with this beta, but we’ll start collecting requests to be included at beta@blogchat.com.

For now, I’m going to spend Easter with the family and spin down from the extended flurry of activity. Seeya next week.

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